Zu Sheng Yu

b. 1959 Wuhan, China; currently resides in New London, NC

Zu Sheng Yu constantly challenges himself in an artistic sense. His versatility and creative passion lead him through life to create a diverse array of innovative work that includes architecture, painting and sculpture.

Not limited by the skills and techniques acquired throughout life, Zu Sheng Yu passionately discovers ways to express his ideas _ a desire that drives him to constantly innovate and create.

Deep metaphorical and philosophical thoughts and poetry mark his art and bring the audience into the natural setting of his work. This ability to move his audience is his greatest sense of accomplishment.


Graduated with a Bachelor degree with a specialty in Sculpture at Guang Zhou Academy of Fine Arts in 1987

2020 Sculpture


"Joy" 261/2"W x 15H x 4"D




"Growth" 17"W x 15D x 7"H

Aqua Resin


Life Skeches at Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts, Chicago, IL

studio studio sketch sketch sketch sketch studio sketch

Outdoor quick Sketches Demostration


Recently Portrait Commission


"Hans" 24" x 20"


"Carl" 36" x 24"


ARC Associate Living Artist, USA

Featured artist of Circle Foundation for the Arts, France

Artavita Artist, USA

Fine Art America, USA

Saatchi Art, USA

"Figurative" 2018 Art Exhibition(Award Winner), France


Method for representing musical compositions using variable colors and shades thereof(US6127616)

External side view Mirror(US6435684)

Vehicle door guard apparatus(US6533346)

Stackable Container Assembly(US20050023279)

Sandal Having a Variety of Lacing Styles CIP(USUS7347010)

Combination utility knife(US6938345B2)